Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rick's pick

Yesterday was Rick's pick of what to do on a fine but hot Saturday morning. So off we went to the Gun and knife show at the fair grounds. I have never been to a gun and knife show. First off I was SHOCKED at how many people were there. For $8.00 a person to get in, you literally had to wait in line to get a ticket. All back packs and purses were checked. I was very proud of my stylish Vera Bradley clasp purse to set up on the table to be checked. I was even more proud when the guy checking my purse made a loud comment that this was way to neat to be a purse. Well duh !!! why do you think I get the Vera bradley???? for all of its wonderful pockets of course.

The crowd was by far the most fun to watch. Men carrying long stock and barrel guns over their shoulders with little white flags coming out of the barrel indicating the price they would sell the gun for. Lots of OLDer looking men with the tops of their head balding and the remnant of their past youth pulled back into a very thin pony tail hanging down the back of their worn leather vests or cowboy shirts. There were families of gun toting moms, dads and children. One woman I saw, who I was most jealous of, was wearing her denim flared skirt, a cute tee-shirt, her cowboy boots and was carrying her little metal case which either was the pistol she just bought or the one she wanted to show off. She looked like a CEO or a garden club woman. I was dying to see inside of the box and would have bet the pistol was a beautiful color and most likely bejeweled.

A gun is an interesting invention. Those that were use in the past were beautiful... those that are of today are just big black hunks of metal to me but some how men like Rick see their beauty. I haven't figured it out yet. But I did get to see the gun that my father most likely carried when he was in the war and the gun Rick carried in Vietnam. That was cool.

Rick loaded up on ammo and we got a way cool addition to our shooting range. It is a "walking" target. You keep shooting this little metal thing and as you hit it the thing flips and "walks"... way cool I can hardly wait to try it..... you all will have to come on over and give it a shot.

I found cute pink handled pistols and even pink rifles!!! That is what I told Rick I want.
But the funniest thing was when I went over to the leather purse booth. A lady was there paying for her purchase and turned to me to tell me about the awesome fanny pack she was buying and how I needed to get one. The sales lady turned to me and asked me whether I was right or left handed. I replied right handed. She became excited and told me so was the lady who was buying the fanny pack. She then asked if I shot with my left hand... I of course being the queen of BS said of course. She then ripped the fanny pack apart with a quick action of her right hand and voila there was the holster for the gun and you could pull it out with your left and and shoot.!!! She continued to explain there was no rummaging through a purse to find your gun or having to undo zippers etc.

I smile and hurried away. I was lost in the horrid fact both women thought I looked like I would wear a fanny pack, mind you a fanny pack LARGE enough to put a pistol inside of it. How could I be mistaken for a pistol toting, fanny pack wearing woman. I wanted to climb up on a table and shout... If I were to carry a pistol I would find a Vera Bradley bag with a pocket big enough to fit it in and remember you all.... I was the one that had the purse to neat to be a purse.

I am learning to be a pistol toting woman. I will get my concealed weapon permit at some time. I will own my own pistol, just like my daughter, but I am getting a pink one to match my vera bradley purse!!!

Oh, and ps.... Julie, part of your birthday present came from the gun show... how special is that!


aLi said...

Oh Gaye, I just read your post to Josh, that was so entertaining! Josh said he is glad you will be a card-toting member of the NRA. I love you!

G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

Oh Gaye, never in my wildest dreams.... this post was just too wonderful!!! You will need to meet Colorful Cousin Carole formerly of Connecticutt, now of Phoenix by way of Pahrump Nevada. She is a Vera...Bradley did you say? kind of a girl with an NRA rich association... a participant in the American Revolution reenactments or celebrations or something.

I see where Cute Christa gets her writing genes!

Thanks for posting something we will ALL enjoy reading over and over again. Maybe you should write a daily or weekly column for a newspaper. hmmm

love, J

how word is squirl...w

Beckstrand's said...

I have been told you can't have a pink pistol because no one will take you seriously but now a pink rifle is a different story.
They have a concealed class for women only, let me know if you want to do that one.

Kim-the-girl said...

You are seriously too funny! I can't imagine how anyone would confuse you as someone who would wear a fanny pack...

Love you!

Gramps and Queenie said...

Girl you will fit in perfect in Alaska......I'm still laughing thinking about you in a fanny pack.......I love you

Jeni said...

For some reason, this scares me a little bit...