Saturday, October 30, 2010

Likfe on the Range

I was sleeping quietly and soundly with my CPAP in my nice warm bed. While out on the Range Matt, the ranger's friend, was quietly sitting in his deer stand waiting to kill a deer. My eyes slowly open and the Ranger has fixed me breakfast but then he announces he needs to help Matt drag the deer out of the woods.

I eat the breakfast, so lovingly prepared for me, and watch out the window as the Ranger and Matt drive away on Big Blue (the tractor) into the woods. When I next look out the window Ranger and Matt have the deer strung up from the barn.

How can I miss this moment! I put on my new range boots (crocs--- LOVE them) and tredge on down. They are in the middle of skinning the deer. It was so awesome to see how a deer is skinned and gutted. The care you have to take to just cut the hide away from the body without cutting into the fascia. Cutting the head off of the deer and then its legs off.

It was pretty awesome to see where the bullet went in, the trajectory of it through the body and then the exit. Emptying out the guts was just fascinating. I would have loved to have been able to take each organ apart and look more closely at it. The poor deer is now on its way to the butcher where it will be ground into hamburger and placed in Matt's freezer.

The ranger has bagged it all, tossed it in the back of Lizzy ( the lesbian subaru) and taken it to the dump . Now he has just walked in for his breakfast.

Just life on the Range!!!!!


I thought CPAP's were a bunch of crap. I was wrong. The test showed I had an oxygen saturation levels of 86-87 during sleep. Not good. Basically not enough oxygen going to the brain. (see there is a specific reason why I am so scattered brain)

CPAPS are wonderful, awesome advances in technology. First time in 55 years I have slept with my mouth closed. Why? because it feels like a huge wind tunnel from your nose to your mouth if you don't close your mouth. It is wonderful to wake up feeling like I have actually gotten some rest. Not sluggish and exhausted. It is wonderful to get to mid day and not be totally exhausted. It is wonderful to not spend the entire day yawning. I don't toss and turn all night long and wake up at least 6-7 times. It is AWESOME to only be breathing warm humidified air.

But most important is that the Ranger is now getting good sleep. No more rhino sounds, no more tossing and turning because the person next to you is so restless.

Oh, the little pillow nose thing was slightly annoying at first but now it is fine, except when your nose is runny. Then it is gross.

I will have to think about a design for when people have colds.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

on my way

Are you going to always remember me by how loud I snore? My kids will not even share a hotel room with me.. well lets say everyone but Whitney and she would sleep with her earphones on. Rick says I snore like a rhino. (love this man.)

On my way in 45 minutes for the sleep apnea test. I am sure everyone is crazy and I am right-- I don't have a problem.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Life on the range.

If you don't know, I now live in a mobile home on 21 acres with the most adorable ranger there is. I am trying to adjust to country life. The key word is "trying."

How am I doing with:

  • no cement ie: long dirt driveway, no cement except for front porch and short walkway to porch: still going through withdrawal.
  • bugs, lots of them: check- i don't even flinch...just kill the suckers. I still jump up and down a little when they are the big roach bugs but I am getting better. Please see Christa's blog. I have learned how to kill them from her.
  • Dirt, LOTS of it: check-- new BFF... krud kutter, I now am well known at Lowes and planning on buying stock in the krud kutter company. I should get royalties for all of the followers I have brought to the light. But really, dirt everywhere....
  • NOBODY around: check- I don't even flinch now to walk outside in my G's.. I have even stripped neked, see below. I have been here almost three months and only two people have ventured down to knock on the door. I don't think I will buy halloween candy :)
  • Nature: I can now tell if the weather is changing by listening to the sounds of all of the bugs, frogs, crickets etc. They become very loud as a storm approaches.
  • Snakes- not so good. Whatever was wearing the 4 foot snake skin that Rick found down at the barn better stay way far away!!!
  • Water: we do not take water for granted at our home. We are on a well.
  • The big green garbage cans that you put out by your cement driveway once a week for those wonderful big trucks to come around and empty and take the smelly stuff away...NOT GOOD, I miss garbage service!!!! While Rick was at camp I had to take the garbage to the dump. I waited a tad to long because when I lifted the bag there were magots and other crawly things (which did not fall into the bug catagory as noted above) and it stunk. I lined my car with plastic, put the bags in the car, tore up the drive way and drove like a bat out of hell down the road to the dump with all of the windows wide open. I, being the city girl, thought the nice men at the dump would unload it for me so I back up to a spot and open the back of the car and wait. The men that were there just stared at me. SO I heaved the bags out and then could not lift them high enough to throw them in. So I had to do the swing and throw thingy with magots on the bags. GROSS.... I came home, stripped neked outside, came in and threw the clothes in the washer and took a shower. I am failing in this area.
  • Last but not least: MICE----NOT GOOD!!!! especially when they are in the house like really in the house. I should get a cat but I am allergic. I now make Rick get up and check all of the traps BEFORE I will get out of the bed.
I went to the mall yesterday when I was up by my house (I am renting it). It was heavenly.!!!! I am trying to find a pair of rubber boots to wear from the house to the car and the car to the house.. and I now wear only croc shoes. I can stick them in the washing machine. I am also trying to find something to put Rick's shoes on when he comes in from the barn.... It is just a narrow little piece by the back door where the washer and dryer are. Suggestions are welcome.

I think Heavenly Father sent me down to earth at the time of microwaves, cars, bathtubs, bubble bath etc. for a reason. If I had been born at the time of the pioneers I would not have made it.

But I will improvise, adapt and over come.... oh and if you see a really cool cowboy hat and rubber boots will you hurry and let me know.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rick's pick

Yesterday was Rick's pick of what to do on a fine but hot Saturday morning. So off we went to the Gun and knife show at the fair grounds. I have never been to a gun and knife show. First off I was SHOCKED at how many people were there. For $8.00 a person to get in, you literally had to wait in line to get a ticket. All back packs and purses were checked. I was very proud of my stylish Vera Bradley clasp purse to set up on the table to be checked. I was even more proud when the guy checking my purse made a loud comment that this was way to neat to be a purse. Well duh !!! why do you think I get the Vera bradley???? for all of its wonderful pockets of course.

The crowd was by far the most fun to watch. Men carrying long stock and barrel guns over their shoulders with little white flags coming out of the barrel indicating the price they would sell the gun for. Lots of OLDer looking men with the tops of their head balding and the remnant of their past youth pulled back into a very thin pony tail hanging down the back of their worn leather vests or cowboy shirts. There were families of gun toting moms, dads and children. One woman I saw, who I was most jealous of, was wearing her denim flared skirt, a cute tee-shirt, her cowboy boots and was carrying her little metal case which either was the pistol she just bought or the one she wanted to show off. She looked like a CEO or a garden club woman. I was dying to see inside of the box and would have bet the pistol was a beautiful color and most likely bejeweled.

A gun is an interesting invention. Those that were use in the past were beautiful... those that are of today are just big black hunks of metal to me but some how men like Rick see their beauty. I haven't figured it out yet. But I did get to see the gun that my father most likely carried when he was in the war and the gun Rick carried in Vietnam. That was cool.

Rick loaded up on ammo and we got a way cool addition to our shooting range. It is a "walking" target. You keep shooting this little metal thing and as you hit it the thing flips and "walks"... way cool I can hardly wait to try it..... you all will have to come on over and give it a shot.

I found cute pink handled pistols and even pink rifles!!! That is what I told Rick I want.
But the funniest thing was when I went over to the leather purse booth. A lady was there paying for her purchase and turned to me to tell me about the awesome fanny pack she was buying and how I needed to get one. The sales lady turned to me and asked me whether I was right or left handed. I replied right handed. She became excited and told me so was the lady who was buying the fanny pack. She then asked if I shot with my left hand... I of course being the queen of BS said of course. She then ripped the fanny pack apart with a quick action of her right hand and voila there was the holster for the gun and you could pull it out with your left and and shoot.!!! She continued to explain there was no rummaging through a purse to find your gun or having to undo zippers etc.

I smile and hurried away. I was lost in the horrid fact both women thought I looked like I would wear a fanny pack, mind you a fanny pack LARGE enough to put a pistol inside of it. How could I be mistaken for a pistol toting, fanny pack wearing woman. I wanted to climb up on a table and shout... If I were to carry a pistol I would find a Vera Bradley bag with a pocket big enough to fit it in and remember you all.... I was the one that had the purse to neat to be a purse.

I am learning to be a pistol toting woman. I will get my concealed weapon permit at some time. I will own my own pistol, just like my daughter, but I am getting a pink one to match my vera bradley purse!!!

Oh, and ps.... Julie, part of your birthday present came from the gun show... how special is that!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The second time around

My friend Jodi sent me an e-mail and told me she was sick of checking my blog and finding the same old stuff. But that is what my life is like the same old stuff... but wait, I do have stuff to blog about the second time around and life on the range.

It is odd being married for a "second time." Maybe because we never set out in our head to do it? I don't know. Life with Fred was good. I have many wonderful things to be grateful for, six wonderful things to be specific. :) I have many wonderful memories of fun times, wonderful sister-in law's and brother-in- laws, nieces and nephews, many wonderful places that we lived and many wonderful friends we met. Fun times with grandma and grandpa, neighbors and vacations at the beach. "Reality check" phone calls with Jane and the list goes on and on....
Sometimes it is hard to accept and wrap your head around the fact that things end for whatever reason. But, I like to remind myself of the saying that says... don't cry because it ended, smile that it happened. I find myself smiling and at times grinning.

And now I have the opportunity to begin to make new memories with Rick. He is a man that I love dearly. It was hard for me to ever think I would be able to love another man. How does that happen? But you do it is just different. Like my good friend counseled me when I was really struggling, he said when he lost his wife he wondered the same thing but when he met his current wife it was like saying to yourself... I really loved hamburgers and will always love hamburgers but now I don't eat them and now I really love pizza. Two different things and a different kind of love.

The Ranger is a good man. He is teaching me how to be grateful for the simple things Heavenly Father has given us and to appreciate what we have and not look so much toward what we want. He is teaching me about service. He offers EVERYTHING he has to everyone if they need it. He is teaching me many things but that is not what this is about.

The wedding was just what I wanted it to be. Simple and not focused so much on Rick and I but on family and being together. I was a nervous wreck and was so glad my dad was there. It was an awesome experience to be able to ask my 86 year old dad for a father's blessing right before the ceremony and to be able to feel the immediate calmness that we get from father's blessings.

I found it strange to stand there to be married and I really don't remember much of what the stake president said. It didn't really feel like a "marriage." All I really remember of the ceremony are the words "until you lay these mortal bodies down." That really is a bummer to have to hear when you know there is more to come. I also heard him ask Rick if he took Gayle and I can remember looking over at my sisters wondering if I should correct him or not.. I kept wondering if it had to be spot on to be valid. Lynne was chuckling and looking at Julie and Julie was looking around too... finally when it was my turn and the Stake President called me Gayle I knew I had to tell him it was the wrong name.

The next morning when we woke up Rick looked at me and asked me who I was because he had married someone named Gayle. It is now our little joke because when i don't want to do something I tell him to go ask his wife Gayle and maybe she will do whatever he needs.

Chloe sang such a great song for us..... it will be our song but to bad I can't remember the name of it.. but Rick can. :) That is why I have him, to remember the things I forget.

It has been kinda hard to re-adjust to married life. I didn't realize how "single" I had become. Sharing a small bathroom ( not good :) ) Having someone send stinky flarts around... kinda reminds me of life with grandpa. Having to cook dinner...adjusting to the others quirks. His nightstand is spotless... mine has all sorts of stuff on it and it drives him nuts. He drops his clothes and mine go in the hamper. He likes the sensodyne toothpaste standing on the cap... I like it laying down. He puts salt on everything, way to much salt if I might add :) I cook with no salt and rarely salt things, He watches Sci-fy and I like.. say yes to the dress. He sleeps with 4 pillows and I sleep with 4 pillows...Needless to say I am now becoming used to Sci-fy and the Ranger has suffered through a couple of say yes to the dress shows. And we have 8 pillows in the bed.. it is fun.

The wonderful thing about being married again is just having someone there while your living the life of "the same old stuff." It is all about filling each others bucket. When someone is filling your bucket and you are filling their bucket it doesn't matter what you are faced with you can make it through anything. Mountains remain mountains but they are surmountable and molehills remain just molehills.

Life is good.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Another day at work- not for the faint of heart.

What a fun day. Arrive to work. Resident's family member waiting at my office door. Spend 30 minutes trying to explain why she should not worry that her auntie was wandering around in other peoples rooms last night peeing on their carpet. Probably just a UTI... we won't panic until the culture comes back. Come to find out, I am now 30 minutes late for an assessment at another community. Drive fast over to the other place and complete the assessment. Return to work at noon. Get poop sample from another resident. Talk with that resident's daughter through the shower curtain ( she was showering... not me) explaining why I did not send her mom out to ER last night when she had just pooped 3 times.... Daughter will take mom to ER. OK, find cooler go to kitchen for ice...package cup of poop in cooler give to daughter to take with her. Run down 32 steps to man who has blood sugar of 32... call EMS... run up the 32 steps to check on Mr. L.. find he has fluid overload and swollen legs up to groin. Wet lungs... Call EMS. run down 32 steps to copy chart and meet EMS. Run up the 32 steps to meet them in the room. Send Mr. L. to ER. complete the mandatory med tech training... get out of that and go down 32 steps to Julie's office. Told there was murder on Duke St (two streets away..police shot suspect who got away) Prepare for lock down. Run up the 32 steps to tell Mary, other nurse, she needs to leave now so she can get home to her son and she won't end up in lock down. Do stand-up with staff and explain the new nurse just quit. run back down the stairs to Julie's office to discuss new nurse quiting. Staff comes in and says Mr. W is not breathing. Run up 16 stairs into his room. Physical therapist doing chest one doing breathing. No mouth guard. I start breathing... sputum coming out his mouth... gag... breath...gag...breath... yell for mouth guard. Continue doing breathing with every expiration of air out of lungs more sputum comes out of mouth. Trying to wipe my mouth on my sleeve with every breath. Finally EMS comes... they will bag... now have to take turns with compressions. Do compressions in team of three for 30 minutes. Run in to call daughter to tell her her dad's heart has stopped. Resuscitation unsuccessful....EMS there, Fire department there, police there. Luckily they put body up on bed. ... Start to shave his face before daughter arrives. Daughter arrives. Stay with her until she is ready to leave. Prepare body for funeral home. Cannot send unclean body. Take off brief... YUCK.... scrotum goo... penis goo....... Go get Dawn dishwashing detergent. This takes away all icky goo and leaves a good smell.... clean rest of body...Start to my office... Ms. E. now has blood sugar of 600. Doctor on phone. Unable to take verbal order. Will send out to ER. Police helicopters still circling building and area looking for shooter. Go down 16 steps to get something to rinse out mouth.... Sprite or Diet Coke which has most antiseptic acid??? go for diet coke. Heading to office to leave. Mr. C. says his "butt is bleeding." Mr. C tried to hit care staff this morning. Staff won't go in without me. Go to room with Mr. C to check his butt. Poop in butt. clean him off and find diaper rash. Slather on A&D. Go call his niece... listen to 20 minutes of ranting from her. she needs someone to rant at. Hang up phone. Go down 16 steps to office. Get purse. Desk looks like a bomb went off on it. Police helicopters not flying anymore. Take purse go down 16 steps. Hearse outside and mortuary people coming off elevator. Go into Julie's office. She is ready to go also. 8:00 PM walk out door.

5 EMS ambulance's, 2 large fire trucks, 2 police cars, police helicoptors flying overhead, and one hearse later the day is done.

Exhausted. but thankful for a job.