Friday, July 23, 2010

The second time around

My friend Jodi sent me an e-mail and told me she was sick of checking my blog and finding the same old stuff. But that is what my life is like the same old stuff... but wait, I do have stuff to blog about the second time around and life on the range.

It is odd being married for a "second time." Maybe because we never set out in our head to do it? I don't know. Life with Fred was good. I have many wonderful things to be grateful for, six wonderful things to be specific. :) I have many wonderful memories of fun times, wonderful sister-in law's and brother-in- laws, nieces and nephews, many wonderful places that we lived and many wonderful friends we met. Fun times with grandma and grandpa, neighbors and vacations at the beach. "Reality check" phone calls with Jane and the list goes on and on....
Sometimes it is hard to accept and wrap your head around the fact that things end for whatever reason. But, I like to remind myself of the saying that says... don't cry because it ended, smile that it happened. I find myself smiling and at times grinning.

And now I have the opportunity to begin to make new memories with Rick. He is a man that I love dearly. It was hard for me to ever think I would be able to love another man. How does that happen? But you do it is just different. Like my good friend counseled me when I was really struggling, he said when he lost his wife he wondered the same thing but when he met his current wife it was like saying to yourself... I really loved hamburgers and will always love hamburgers but now I don't eat them and now I really love pizza. Two different things and a different kind of love.

The Ranger is a good man. He is teaching me how to be grateful for the simple things Heavenly Father has given us and to appreciate what we have and not look so much toward what we want. He is teaching me about service. He offers EVERYTHING he has to everyone if they need it. He is teaching me many things but that is not what this is about.

The wedding was just what I wanted it to be. Simple and not focused so much on Rick and I but on family and being together. I was a nervous wreck and was so glad my dad was there. It was an awesome experience to be able to ask my 86 year old dad for a father's blessing right before the ceremony and to be able to feel the immediate calmness that we get from father's blessings.

I found it strange to stand there to be married and I really don't remember much of what the stake president said. It didn't really feel like a "marriage." All I really remember of the ceremony are the words "until you lay these mortal bodies down." That really is a bummer to have to hear when you know there is more to come. I also heard him ask Rick if he took Gayle and I can remember looking over at my sisters wondering if I should correct him or not.. I kept wondering if it had to be spot on to be valid. Lynne was chuckling and looking at Julie and Julie was looking around too... finally when it was my turn and the Stake President called me Gayle I knew I had to tell him it was the wrong name.

The next morning when we woke up Rick looked at me and asked me who I was because he had married someone named Gayle. It is now our little joke because when i don't want to do something I tell him to go ask his wife Gayle and maybe she will do whatever he needs.

Chloe sang such a great song for us..... it will be our song but to bad I can't remember the name of it.. but Rick can. :) That is why I have him, to remember the things I forget.

It has been kinda hard to re-adjust to married life. I didn't realize how "single" I had become. Sharing a small bathroom ( not good :) ) Having someone send stinky flarts around... kinda reminds me of life with grandpa. Having to cook dinner...adjusting to the others quirks. His nightstand is spotless... mine has all sorts of stuff on it and it drives him nuts. He drops his clothes and mine go in the hamper. He likes the sensodyne toothpaste standing on the cap... I like it laying down. He puts salt on everything, way to much salt if I might add :) I cook with no salt and rarely salt things, He watches Sci-fy and I like.. say yes to the dress. He sleeps with 4 pillows and I sleep with 4 pillows...Needless to say I am now becoming used to Sci-fy and the Ranger has suffered through a couple of say yes to the dress shows. And we have 8 pillows in the bed.. it is fun.

The wonderful thing about being married again is just having someone there while your living the life of "the same old stuff." It is all about filling each others bucket. When someone is filling your bucket and you are filling their bucket it doesn't matter what you are faced with you can make it through anything. Mountains remain mountains but they are surmountable and molehills remain just molehills.

Life is good.


Kim-the-girl said...

I'd say you have stuff to blog about! Congratulations on all the new adventures life has in store for you. We sure love you!

G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

I love you, Gaye. And always will.


RazakFamily said...

I like that now I have a Gayle-Mom and a Gaye-Mom!!! :)
I love "Say yes to the dress" as well...
I'm glad that my mom sent you that e-mail because I LOVE reading about what you're up to. I can't wait to hear more about your new adventures.
Love you so much!!

aLi said...

you know, I was thinking it was about time you blogged about your wedding!!!
I am so happy you are happy. Big congratulations to you. And like my ma said, I love you and always will!!!

Gramps and Queenie said...

Now that is what I was talking is good really really good...I love to see what my old friend has to say about things.....and I'm glad to see that you have enough pillows....your pillow fights must be the best ever....Love you

Gramps and Queenie said...

and I am not your old friend....I'm just a friend you have had for a really long long time....

Grandma Hoss said...

Gaye, This is Colleen Holliday Kim-th-gir's mom. I was checking out the blogs that Kim goes to and found yours. I am thrilled that you have met someone to share your life with. You are a wonderful person and desevre to be happy. Loved all of your post. You are great at blogging. Thanks.