Friday, August 20, 2010

Life on the range.

If you don't know, I now live in a mobile home on 21 acres with the most adorable ranger there is. I am trying to adjust to country life. The key word is "trying."

How am I doing with:

  • no cement ie: long dirt driveway, no cement except for front porch and short walkway to porch: still going through withdrawal.
  • bugs, lots of them: check- i don't even flinch...just kill the suckers. I still jump up and down a little when they are the big roach bugs but I am getting better. Please see Christa's blog. I have learned how to kill them from her.
  • Dirt, LOTS of it: check-- new BFF... krud kutter, I now am well known at Lowes and planning on buying stock in the krud kutter company. I should get royalties for all of the followers I have brought to the light. But really, dirt everywhere....
  • NOBODY around: check- I don't even flinch now to walk outside in my G's.. I have even stripped neked, see below. I have been here almost three months and only two people have ventured down to knock on the door. I don't think I will buy halloween candy :)
  • Nature: I can now tell if the weather is changing by listening to the sounds of all of the bugs, frogs, crickets etc. They become very loud as a storm approaches.
  • Snakes- not so good. Whatever was wearing the 4 foot snake skin that Rick found down at the barn better stay way far away!!!
  • Water: we do not take water for granted at our home. We are on a well.
  • The big green garbage cans that you put out by your cement driveway once a week for those wonderful big trucks to come around and empty and take the smelly stuff away...NOT GOOD, I miss garbage service!!!! While Rick was at camp I had to take the garbage to the dump. I waited a tad to long because when I lifted the bag there were magots and other crawly things (which did not fall into the bug catagory as noted above) and it stunk. I lined my car with plastic, put the bags in the car, tore up the drive way and drove like a bat out of hell down the road to the dump with all of the windows wide open. I, being the city girl, thought the nice men at the dump would unload it for me so I back up to a spot and open the back of the car and wait. The men that were there just stared at me. SO I heaved the bags out and then could not lift them high enough to throw them in. So I had to do the swing and throw thingy with magots on the bags. GROSS.... I came home, stripped neked outside, came in and threw the clothes in the washer and took a shower. I am failing in this area.
  • Last but not least: MICE----NOT GOOD!!!! especially when they are in the house like really in the house. I should get a cat but I am allergic. I now make Rick get up and check all of the traps BEFORE I will get out of the bed.
I went to the mall yesterday when I was up by my house (I am renting it). It was heavenly.!!!! I am trying to find a pair of rubber boots to wear from the house to the car and the car to the house.. and I now wear only croc shoes. I can stick them in the washing machine. I am also trying to find something to put Rick's shoes on when he comes in from the barn.... It is just a narrow little piece by the back door where the washer and dryer are. Suggestions are welcome.

I think Heavenly Father sent me down to earth at the time of microwaves, cars, bathtubs, bubble bath etc. for a reason. If I had been born at the time of the pioneers I would not have made it.

But I will improvise, adapt and over come.... oh and if you see a really cool cowboy hat and rubber boots will you hurry and let me know.


G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

LOL-ing!!! So DESCRIPTIVE!!! You make me SO EXCITED to live on the range!!! I am kinda impressed you can tell about the weather by bug sounds. But I would NOT be excited about the mice and snakes.

We had a mouse in our house a year or two ago during winter. It kept slipping away from Eric and Sara and Erin as they tried to capture it. We finally all went to bed. Later Erin kept hearing a scratching noise in her room. When she turned on the light, the noise stopped. When she turned the light off, the noise started. When the light went on again, it stopped.

She picked up her pillow and blanket and went outside and climbed in her car in the driveway, locked the doors and slept there. It was safer!!

Too funny!

Love ya! Jane

ps. I am proud of you acquiring new abilities!

Kim-the-girl said...

This is an awesome post! What and adventure your life is leading you on! Can't wait to hear more.

Holly said...

Aunt Gaye, this sounds AWESOME!! You're my hero.

Gramps and Queenie said...

OK, are my Hero....SMILE SMILE SMILE

Duane + Lisa said...

I just read the last few blogs. Whew! Your life is one adventure after another! Love ya, Lisa

Jeni said...

What a fun adventure!...oh. Everyone else has already said that. oh well. It IS an adventure. I am so happy for you!