Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Good Day

Yesterday was such a good day due to the kindness of Ranger. He and Cory, the son, picked me up and while he was here he fixed the TV. (yahooo for whit and I) Then we went to Cracker Barrel where we had a wonderful breakfast. Then off to Lowe's to look for a fireplace grate. I love Lowe's and Home Depot. No fire place grate so off to the Agri something or other... (which equates to the Nordstroms for farmers) to look for a log turner. Now that place was really fun.

The ranger was on a mission. I was just enthralled by all of the interesting stuff. My first mistake was asking if the big round jungle gym things outside the store were toys for the kids. OOPS... no, ranger explained it is where you put the hay so the cows eat it and don't poo on it.

Inside was a world full of things I have never seen, OK, I have seen shovels etc but it was the farming/hunting stuff that was really fun. And the store was so clean it was amazing. We found a three wheeled thingy that you can sit on while fixing the tractor. Ranger got really excited over that. I thought it looked like great fun to race... kinda like one of those wiggle bikes.

Then there were these huge long things that looked like something you would stuff your extra plastic bags into, although they were already stuffed. I really couldn't think of anything else they could be used for. They were the cow scratchers. LOLOLOL... Maybe I should hang one in my bathroom to scratch my back on... then the ranger explained you put bug repellent on them so when the cows scratch they get the joy of the bug repellent. Who would've thought!!!

I found some other ladies in the "cooking" portion of the store. There were all sorts of cast iron things and things to make fires with. Also I found bottled hot sauce and BBQ sauce stuff. The ladies were discussing how all of the good things were gone. I didn't know what the "good things" were so I hurried back to the back scratchers.

Ranger found the log turner for $109.00 and grunted he could figure something out cheaper. (little did I know that would include me and Cory) Cory and I had fun trying on cowboy hats and camo lined sunglasses. Did you all know that camo is now coming in fall colors. :)

After the agri store it was back to the rangers house. He had wood to chop. Ranger handed me an extra pair of socks, a hat, and some gloves and told me he wanted me to come out. So I, in my black velour warm ups, put on his oversized waterproof boots , the hat, the gloves and my thank goodness washable fuzzy jacket from Costco and headed out to the back 40 with "the men."

Soon I found myself kneeling on the ground trying to shove a large piece of wood under the tree that was going to be cut up, while the ranger used the car jack and Cory stabilized it with the 2x4 ranger had nailed onto the tree. We were successful!!!! who needs an old 109.00 tree turner when you have a car jack and a 2x4. The tree was then cut up and Cory and the Ranger split the wood. I loaded the wood into the back of the tractor for Cory to take up to the porch and stack... The knees of my black velour britches were now muddy, dirty and WET.

I am thinking to myself, ok mission accomplished now inside to start the fire and settle down with my knitting and my book. OK... not so.... Ranger then grabs my hand and the chain saw, yells to Cory to meet us in the woods with the big tractor and off we go.

By the time we cross the clearing where the deer come and they shoot skeet, I am totally out of breath and starting to whine. Ranger laughs. Then we head into the woods. It is muddy and messy and I am in shoes that don't fit and a coat that is attracting all of the burrs that you can find. We continue to walk, I am sure a thousand miles, through mud. I am trying to point out that we have passed many good trees that he could chop down.... Ranger laughs and informs me they have to be already dead and down and he has one specific tree in mind. We talk about how I need to start walking. I remind him he is huffing and puffing as well and we both decide it is time to seriously loose weight.

FINALLY, we get to the tree. It is HUGE...It is nice to finally sit on the tree look at the beauty of the woods. (Now the bum is wet) Ranger shows me deer tracks that have been left in the mud. We just have time to talk about life. Then we hear Cory coming in with the tractor.
The tree gets hooked up and then Ranger jumps on the tractor and starts pulling it out. HEY WAIT A MINUTE.... I want a ride too. NOPE, Cory and I start to walk back. It was a good day.


Kim-the-girl said...

Wow! That sounds like quite the adventure! Love to hear what you're up to!

gaye said...

Thanks so much for commenting Kim the Girl... love you too.

Kim-the-girl said...

I just wanted to tell you that eating more fruits and vegetables is part of our family challenge I talked about on my blog. Its been the best part of the challenge for me. 5 servings a day! I'm actually really loving it! AND I haven't gained any weight yet with my pregnancy so its helping!

G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

YAY!!! You wrote!!!! So I can leave a comment!!! Can you tell I've been on a hiatus? I guess it's only been four days since you posted. Anyway, I checked Ali's blog sidebar and lo and behold, the BLOG WORLD WAS ALIVE AND HOPPING!!! So nice to catch up with everybody!

So you had a wilderness adventure!!! Good grief!!! I didn't know you had it in you! Congratulations! I might have been the whiner in the story! love, Jane