Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's a Bugs Life

Everyone knows there are spiders in the West and BUGS in the South. Most of these bugs are tolerable as they don't like people so they are never around for you to see them. But, there is a bug that defies that rule. The nasty flat bugs with pinchers on the end of them... yes, pinchers that you can see. I think they are earwigs... I call them flat, pincher bugs. I think my mom told me they were earwigs. They have turned my outside garage door panel into their homeless shelter.

Every morning I pull my car out of the garage. Due to the fact that I don't have a garage door button thing in my car, I have to get out of the car and flip open the panel on the outside and punch in the code to close the garage door. I repeat the process every night when I come home. I have learned that during the night these "earwigs" or whatever they are, crawl into this little box and sleep. So now in the morning I tap the box before I open it to wake them all up, then I stand to the side, flip open the box and flick them all out in hopes they will go find a new homeless shelter for the next night.

Occasionally, one of these bugs will try to invade the inside of my home. They must crawl up through the drains because I will find one in the sink or in the shower or tub. Being the sadistic person that I am, I try to teach them a lesson and will try to drowned them to death rather than just let them have a fast death by squishing. But..... I have found these little suckers do not drowned easily.. they somehow seem to be able to float.

Well, Sunday was the last straw for these bugs. I was running a tad late for church (Please note children I went to church!!!!) and I had to iron my clothes. I have the best iron that was ever made. It is the kind Shannon's mother-in-law uses. She mentioned it in one of her blogs, I think, so the next time I got one I tried Claudia's and I love it!!! but don't ask me to tell you the name of it. Anyway, I am digressing.........

I am ironing my white linen shirt and I start to see these little black spots showing up. I look on the bottom of my iron and there is nothing there. I keep ironing but now I am concerned about what is showing up on my shirt. When I pick the iron up I about gagged. There in the water chamber, floating in the boiling water... because I am steaming my shirt..... is yes, one of these earwig bugs!!!!!!!

That is the last straw!!! They now have invaded my life in a personal way... NO MORE HOMELESS SHELTER....it is closed, the bug spray is coming out... blame your stupid friend who thought the water chamber in my iron would be a good place to just hang out....He ruined it for the rest of you all... go someplace else!!!

I am buying a bomb.... Jodi, not the H-S or D bomb or the nuclear bomb this is worse... it is the B-bomb.. the bug bomb... the chemical mist that once dispersed in the shut up home is suppose to kill all bugs and most likely will kill humans as well ...we just haven't heard about it yet.

As far as that truant earwig in my iron's water chamber. He died by boiling to death!! serves him right. I tried to flush him out and he won't come out. Rick, my friend, keeps telling me to just keep flushing. It isn't working. I think the bug is gone but then I see him float back into the chamber. I am still getting remnants of his body as I iron... It is nasty. Any suggestions on ways to flush out a dead bug from the water chamber of a really nice iron would be appreciated.


Holly said...

Wow. I have no idea what to do, but good luck!

RazakFamily said...

You are the best story-teller in the whole wide world!!!
It serves those bugs right for trying to invade your house...I would have done the same thing!!
Good luck with your iron...I know how important a good iron is

Claudia said...

Gaye, it is a Rowena Iron. They certainly are the best. Except when they have an earwig in it. Hope you get it out, have no idea how to help you.

Gramps and Queenie said...

buy a new iron...

Gramps and Queenie said...

if it was a H bomb or a S bomb or a D bomb.....I could help you

G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

Funny, funny, girl!!! I agree. If I have a story to tell, I want you to do it!

Earwigs are trying our house also. But no iron earwigs! BLECCHH!!! At least he is contained and not in your number pad, busy breeding.

love Jane

Jeni said...

Earwigs must be the bug of the year because they have been taking over our home also! I can not get rid of them!
I need a rowena iron.