Saturday, February 14, 2009

A semi-apology to my now grown children

Me thinks I should semi-apologize to my now grown children. When they were little I NEVER used band-aids. My mother opinion was the majority of open kid wounds needed to be only scrubbed clean, a little antibiotic ointment and the good old air would form a quick scab and all was well. During the Owie period of time, a wet paper towel took care of any oozing blood, dirt, and was cool to the burn of the scrapes sting. As well as, the child could then be distracted, the paper towel thrown away and the drama was over. Band-aids were expensive, dirty and caused more drama when they had to be removed. Very logical and I am sure all proven by scientific experimentation and documentation.

I specifically remember one time leaving Devin home to care for the children. That was mistake number one. Then we did not put up Trent's hotwheels, mistake number two. When Fred and I got home all the kids were in bed and Devin proudly announced Trent had taken some road rash but he had taken care of it. Devin went to bed. We went and got Trent up and the kid had road burn down the entire side of his little body and the dirt and gravel were still in it. Devin had wisely used wet paper towels, ointment and for the really bloody areas as many band aids and gauze pads that he could possibly lay his hands on. Trent looked like a wounded soldier of war. I wish we had taken a picture. So we spent the next hour while Fred held the screaming Trent and I scrubbed out the already dry wounds.

So back to my original post of a semi-apology to my grown children. You guys are TOUGH!!! you are TROOPERS, You did blood and gravel and road/carpet burn like little soldiers..... Way to go !!!!you are awesome.

I on the other hand, tripped and fell at the movie theater last night. I hurt my knee. I came home with my knee REALLY hurting. When I looked I had a quarter size scrape with old blood and a little dirt in it and it was KILLING.
I started to whimper with the thoughts of cleaning it off. I didn't clean it. I wanted a band aid but couldn't find one. So instead I put an ice pack on it took a Tylenol and went to bed.

I am a better mother than I am a kid. I forgot how scrapes hurt. I am so sorry. I could have at least offered you a cookie or Popsicle or maybe a little bit of lovin' along with the wet paper towel. May you forgive me; but you are better kids for it. ( I am sure of it) But please, when I am in my dementia unit and I scrape my knee or elbow or bleed a little will you offer me a cookie, Popsicle and little bit of loving along with a band aid?

Love you, Mom
PS, but raise your kids on wet paper towels!!!


aLi said...


Gaye I love you!!!

I never use band-aids on my kids because sometimes the line between needing a band-aid and not needing a band-aid is dissolved with 2 year olds.

Beckstrand's said...

sorry mom but when you have dementia you'll forget about the pain after while so therefore you won't need a cookie or band aid.

bubbletoes said...

I'm all for a soak in a hot bath to get rid of gravel, etc. Plus, I think screaming is very therapeutic.

I used to make my kids (get ready, I know this will sound weird) hang onto my ear while I was cleaning wounds, or digging out thorns, slivers, etc. I told them to pull on my ear whenever it hurt so I would know and could be more gentle.

Now you know why one ear is bigger than the other.

Love, Jane....not erin..I keep forgetting to change my identity. ;)

Christa said...

Maybe we should get you a cane or something? How did you manage to fall?

Jeni said...

:)...the kids have been listening to an audio cd that we got from friends in Australia...there is the funniest story about a boy who all he wants is a band aid and his mom wont give it to him. So this story is exceptionally funny to me right now. You are the best.