Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just shoot me quick

Happy Valentine's day to you all. I just got home from the old single adults valentines party.
It was a combined party of two stakes. Raleigh and Garner.
To say the least this was an overwhelmingly painful experience.

One young man in his 30's was going to wear a tuxedo but instead came in his three piece suit with his bluephone stuck in his ear. All he went around asking for was a lint brush.

One lady wore high heels with sequins and really pointy toes and something wrapped around the heels.
She brought flip flops in her purse to change into. Her daughter has 3,000 pairs of shoes. She has 50.
why wear shoes if you need to carry flip flops?
I had a migraine all day but went because I made a promise I would support all of this.
I wore my velour warm up suit.... the closest thing I could find to pajama's.

There were no caffieinated drinks..... ......... .....
There was a poor 10ish looking year old boy who had to come with his mom... I am sure he is scarred for life.

The main event: watching the movie Fireproof....
If you have seen this movie and it is on your top 10 list of favorite movies then stop reading now or I will seem rude.

HELLOOOOOOOOOOO..... between all of us that were there we would have had a HUGE bonfire of failed marriages.
A little late for fire proofing marriages.

My friend and I were the second and third oldest people there.
Everyone was crying through the movie.
When they passed around more tissues, Julia and I were the only ones with no tears.
Even the men were crying. One man said he was moved by the Spirit... WHAT?????????
In the movie when the young man gets on his knees at the bedside of his wife who has the sniffles and pleads forgiveness for being selfish and contributes his change to having found religion,
Julia turns to me and says: I really like that comforter set on that bed. The funny thing was I was thinking the same thing but really liking the bedroom furniture.
She and I were definitely not feeling it.... we looked like we had hard hearts.

Happy Valentines day to everyone.
Next year.... just shoot me quick before I head out for another round of valentine day celebration.


RazakFamily said...

next year you will have to come celebrate Valentine's Day with me. My husband was in California over the weekend, so it was just me and the kids - they would have loved to meet their "Gaye (Grand)Mom!"

Amanda said...

We made it through 10 minutes of that movie before I couldn't stand another sigh/wimper/groan from Danny!!! He claims those 10 minutes were torture. :o) I'm sorry you had such an awful time at the dance! Next year, come hang out with us.

bubbletoes said...

GRUELING!!! that's what it sounds like to me! WHAT!?!?!?! are they doing showing that movie... that I've never heard of so don't have a clue about except your at single's dance? HELLO!!!?!?!?!

It sounds like your friend and you better start your OWN celebration and invite the FUN people to it!!! Pushing peanuts across the floor with your nose sounds like more fun that this. HELLO!!!! (again)

Oh well, this is all good stuff for the book you will write some day!

Love, Jane (not erin)

Jeni said...

are there ever caffeinated drinks at church functions? :)
Valentines Day is over rated.