Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today I ventured into Amanda's world and attempted the cake balls minus the lollipop sticks. I am girding up my loins and heading off to a single adult activity tonight where we have to bring a food item. I got such a laugh from Amanda's food blog and the comment about whether it was immature to laugh at the written word "balls." Yes, Amanda we are a like in many ways and I will continue to teeheehee whenever it is used.

So I thought maybe these cake balls would be a good filter for a potential date. Mine are made of a red velvet cake mix and cream cheese frosting. Let me give you some words of wisdom from an "experienced cook;" do NOT over bake your cake by forgetting to set the timer but thinking you set the timer, hence waiting for a LONG time wondering why your cake is not done.

If you over bake then you need to only use the middle and then don't use the bottom either... but it still works just doesn't produce as much. When you are forming the balls, I would suggest a melon baller or someting because if you are doing this and the door bell rings and you are the only one home it looks like you have just done something really mysterious and illegal as your hands are covered in red gritty looking stuff.

When the balls are on the pan to go into the freezer, don't let anyone see them as they will think you have just made meat balls from some very bad looking hamburger meat.

OK, well my cake balls are all dipped and look groovy and I am taking them to the single adult activity. I am putting up a label saying "BALLS." The first man, oops brother, who laughs is who I will go flirt with. If there isn't any man/brother there that laughs then the night will not have been successful as there won't be anyone who would understand my sense of humor.

Wish me luck with my "balls."


Jeni said...

I can't stop laughing!
You have no idea how happy I am to be able to check in on you now!
PLEASE keep us posted on how the balls went :)
I have a red velvet cake mix in my pantry...I'm dying to try these. Were they yummy?

aLi said...

Gaye you make me laugh too! I am going to add you to my sidebar, I promise. I LOVE your humor.



G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

more hee heeing here! Betcha can't tell my kids love you! me too! Jane

bubbletoes said...
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bubbletoes said...

This is HILARIOUS!!! I think I need to try's a way smart idea to weed out "potentials" Love you so much Gaye! -Erin