Tuesday, October 28, 2008

blogging 101

I am sitting here bored silly and have looked at Amanda's blog site at least 100 times wondering why no one is writing so as to entertain me. Hence, I decided to jump onto the bloggers band wagon and write my thoughts for posterity. How hard can it really be????

It is actually very hard... first you have to name your blog. That should be an easy one. I thought of Jeni who always wanted to name her band.. Oopps, I don't have a band and have never wanted to name a band. Then I thought of Amanda and Devin and Christa. Just use your name. No, I wanted a little bit more. How about something that tells where you are at in life.... wandering in the land of lonliness... to depressed. Fat and Fifty.... to much of a reality check...... How about something like glenn and lance did the combination of names- Glance (shall I confess that I now refer to both of them as glance??) So I can be gacall....it sounds like a demented bird call. So instead I will just use the two nicknames I have been given in my long life. Gayemom and happysofa. I don't know if it is politically correct but then those that are reading this should know I would never worry about something like that.

Next comes choosing how your blog looks. I thought this should be fun. Do you like the words on the right or the left??? There is a definant preference I have found. I prefer mine on the right. Maybe because..... I don't know you fill in that psychological blank for me and let me know.

Then you have to actually write something. This should be a breeze for me because i love to talk and love to have everyone hear my opinions. Actually, we shall see how it goes. Maybe I will have something to say and then again maybe I won't.

Now comes figuring out how to let everyone know I have a blog. Will anyone want to read it? I know I love to read others blogs. I love to keep up with the nieces and nephews children and lives. I love to read Christa's and find out how my daughter is doing and how her trip to Costa Rica was. I wish all of my kids would blog so I could keep up with their lives.

Well here it goes I will now push the publish post button and allow the world into my life... wish me luck and if it is boring just humor me and keep reading anyway.


Claudia said...

Hey this is a great start. I love blogging and I am sure that most of my posts aren't very interesting.

Devin & Amanda said...

So, I have put a link for you on my blog... you are official. And I will be updating my blog soon. I upholstered my headboard this weekend and will put up pictures of it since I am rather impressed with my craftiness. I am glad you have joined the blogging world.

Christa said...

Welcome!! Your link is on my blog now.

annie said...

i will read your blog and enjoy it thoroughly.

aLi said...

No way, Gaye! I am so excited you are entering the blogging world. And I loved every sentence of your first post. I just think you are hilarious, even if you say you might be boring or have nothing interesting to say. Welcome!
Can I put your name on my blog, too?

gaye said...

Ali, of course you can put my blog name on your listy thingy. I love your blog and keeping up with your kids.

Jeni said...

WOW! You have no idea how privileged I feel that my name was in your very first post.... that's like Brad Pitt saying my name :). I love your new blog and I can't wait to read it every day!!!!!

Kim-the-girl said...

I can't believe I didn't find you sooner! I'm so happy you're blogging and we can keep up with you!

G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

Add me to the list of happy woodies who found your blog!!! Yippee. Gaye and Brad Pitt...two of our favorites! just sign me..

you are still making me laugh, Jane