Saturday, October 30, 2010

Likfe on the Range

I was sleeping quietly and soundly with my CPAP in my nice warm bed. While out on the Range Matt, the ranger's friend, was quietly sitting in his deer stand waiting to kill a deer. My eyes slowly open and the Ranger has fixed me breakfast but then he announces he needs to help Matt drag the deer out of the woods.

I eat the breakfast, so lovingly prepared for me, and watch out the window as the Ranger and Matt drive away on Big Blue (the tractor) into the woods. When I next look out the window Ranger and Matt have the deer strung up from the barn.

How can I miss this moment! I put on my new range boots (crocs--- LOVE them) and tredge on down. They are in the middle of skinning the deer. It was so awesome to see how a deer is skinned and gutted. The care you have to take to just cut the hide away from the body without cutting into the fascia. Cutting the head off of the deer and then its legs off.

It was pretty awesome to see where the bullet went in, the trajectory of it through the body and then the exit. Emptying out the guts was just fascinating. I would have loved to have been able to take each organ apart and look more closely at it. The poor deer is now on its way to the butcher where it will be ground into hamburger and placed in Matt's freezer.

The ranger has bagged it all, tossed it in the back of Lizzy ( the lesbian subaru) and taken it to the dump . Now he has just walked in for his breakfast.

Just life on the Range!!!!!


G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

Hysterical! I think Erin may learn more about your life on the range. She is dating a hunter with a hunting family.

How do they spell Dear? DEER.

:) Jane

Grandma Gale said...

OK so who hacked into post a comment on your blog. haha You are amazing and maybe should change your occupation to a mortician. Glad you are so happy and can't wait to meet your sweetie!

Gramps and Queenie said...

you need to post some more

aLi said...

Thanks Aunt Gaye for trying to post a blog for me to read. :) I didn't see the new one, but this one was pretty darn awesome (maybe cause it's been a year since I've read it?). I will attempt to blog again hopefully before the week is over.....