Saturday, December 20, 2008

How come I'm always the weird one?

How often do you take the random tests which will tell you more about yourself than you care to know?
I am a sucker for them and then when I don't like the results I feel bad.
For instance, the test my family all took about who we are most like. My mother- Albert Enstein. My sister, Mother Theresa...... I was the only one in my immediate family who came out like Sadam Husein, or however you spell his name.
So I just took the crayon test to tell me who I am.
If Shannon came out a classy purple then certainly I would be purple...isn't it like blood types?
Nope... read below:

You Are an Orange Crayon
Your world is colored with offbeat, confident, and stimulating colors.You have a personality that's downright weird - and you wouldn't change it for anything.Loud and expressive, you voice your opinions fearlessly and strongly.And while you have a strong personality, you can be friends with almost anyone.Your color wheel opposite is blue. Your confidence is something blue people truly envy.

It is so nice to know as I fall asleep that my suspicions of myself are confirmed. I am downright weird and I wouldn't change a thing.

So go to Shannon's blog and tell me what color crayon you are.


RazakFamily said...

I was honestly hoping to have an orange crayon too! I wanted to be crazy like my gaye mom :) Sadly, I am the Yellow Crayon! But it says that Shannon is my complimentary color! :)
I'm glad you're the weird one...I wouldn't take you any other way!!
Love you

G'pa and G'ma Woody said...

Fascinating! Way to be orange! I also wouldn't change a THING about your personality. I LOVE IT!

I am green. And I didn't like green for YEARS because Cousin Pam said she thought green was ugly when I was 7 and impressionable! But now I LOVE Green! Scott was blue...which explains why you and he appreciate each other so much. Green is part I can be your complimentary color, too! Merry Christmas. love from Jane

Jeni said...

Oh I think that orange suites you and I LOVE YOU because YOU are orange! I can't wait to take the test!

Jeni said...

I was surprise there...good ole reliable green... still my favorite color.

annie said...

i was yellow. i dunno about that, but I do think yours was spot on!
love you.

Britt said...

Hi Gaye,
It was so nice of you to say such great things about us. The video makes me cry too... but so did your words. Sometimes I feel like a crappy parent. It's so nice when I'm told that I'm not!

Jeni said...

just wanted to to know that I'm checking in on you...again :)